About TestTafel

TestTafel is a restaurant that pops up every week to serve a new 7 course meal (including amuses, bread, and coffee bites). Our menu is an eclectic collection of recipes we have been wanting to make for years, dishes stolen from our favourite chefs, and recipes found in obscure cookbooks. With dinner we serve cocktails, homemade lemonades, and our favourite affordable natural wines.

TestTafel currently opens every Friday and Saturday evening.


For the full seven-course menu (excluding wines) you may set your own price, starting at 25 euro. TestTafel is a non-profit foundation. All proceeds go directly to supporting the activities of De Sering.

For the wine pairing and other drinks we ask a fixed price.

TestTafel Taster new!

TestTafel Taster is a three course menu that we serve every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The menu consists of the dishes that we are working and experimenting on that very day.

The start of the dinner is 18:30. On Wednesday and Thursday you are welcome from 17:00 onwards. On Friday from 13:00.

Reservations are required for TestTafel Taster and can be made through this form


Go to this page to make a reservation.

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